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Tray and hook conveyors, Equipment for cattles and pigs slaughterhouses

The tray transporter id designed for transporting bowels andintestines from the disemboweling stand to the sausage-casing room andthe bowel storage. The moving trays are used for (synchronized with thehalf-carcasses movement) intestines transport, and the hooks betweenthe trays for hanging bowels. When the tray reaches the intestinedrop-pipe, the pneumatic servo overturns a tray and throw outintestines, and the bowels are dropped using special drop onto the pipeor table. The transporter is made completely out of acid-resistantmaterials.

We offer folllowing tray transporters:

  • 5 trays slaughtering 20 pigs per hour
  • 7 trays slaughtering 35 pigs per hour
  • 9 trays slaughtering 50 pigs per hour
  • 11 trays slaughtering 60 pigs per hour
  • 13 trays slaughtering 80 pigs per hour